Using Cone Beam 3D Scanning to Place Implants

Digital imaging has become an increasingly more important part of professional dental care in many different aspects. For example, digital radiography has made it easier, safer, and more comfortable to collect up-to-date X-ray images of patients teeth, jaws, and oral structures. This has made diagnoses and treatment planning even more precise as well as reducing discomfort and risks from exposure to X-rays. In the case of dental implant placement, we utilize advanced, cone beam 3D imaging to help plan and guide the placement of biocompatible implant posts. The digital imaging technology allows us to create a precise and highly detailed guide that outlines the optimal placement of each post, making your procedure faster and more comfortable while enhancing the results of your smile restoration.

The Benefits of Guided Implant Placement

The point of dental implant posts is to provide a custom-designed dental prosthesis (such as dental crowns or bridges and dentures) with the same support and function that healthy, natural teeth enjoy thanks to their roots. This means the posts have to adequately anchor your prosthesis in place while successfully absorbing the repeated pressure of your bite. To ensure an optimal level of support and stability, each post must be positioned strategically. Cone beam computed tomography (CT) scanning helps by creating a 3D digital model of your teeth, roots, jaw, and oral structures in lifelike detail. The digital model is used to strategize the best placement for each implant post according to your unique dentition. Then, the guide will be used during your surgery to ensure accuracy.

Find Out if You Qualify for Guided Implant Surgery

With the help of advanced 3D imaging, including cone beam CT scanning, we can create a digital guide to optimize your dental implant placement procedure. For more information about how 3D imaging helps us more precisely place your dental implant posts, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at(661) 259-7760.