Fortification for a Diminished Jawbone

Your jawbone is the foundation of your smile and oral health in many different ways. It’s the literal foundation upon which your teeth are secured by their roots, holding them steady as you bite and chew your food every day. Your jawbone also supplies your teeth with nutrients by feeding them through their root canals, and it helps support the facial structures surrounding your smile. With so many roles, your jawbone can also be impacted by several different factors. For example, if you have severe periodontal disease or have lost one or more teeth, then your jawbone can lose its mass and density. Fortunately, jawbone grafting can help fortify your jawbone and restore your good oral health, especially if you plan to replace your lost teeth with dental implants.

When Jawbone Grafting Is Appropriate

Jawbone grafting is the process of surgically fortifying your jawbone by grafting a small amount of compatible bone (usually from another are of your mouth) onto the weakened area of it. The goal is to rebuild any jawbone structure that you may have lost. Building up your jawbone offers several benefits, including an improved appearance for your smile and facial structures. However, jawbone grafting is often recommended for patients who are preparing for dental implant placement. After having lost one or more teeth roots, the jawbone can grow weaker due to lack of stimulation and nutrients. Grafting can strengthen your jawbone so that it can successfully receive and support an appropriate number of dental implant posts.

Find Out if Jawbone Grafting Is Right for You

Your jawbone may have grown weaker over the years after you’ve lost teeth. Before rebuilding your smile with dental implants, you may require jawbone grafting to rebuild its strength and integrity. For more information, or to find out if you can benefit from jawbone grafting, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.