Crowns Made from Realistic Dental Porcelain

When a tooth becomes damaged, the nature and severity of that damage can have differing effects on your oral health. For instance, a fracture might make biting and chewing painful, as well as expose the tooth’s inner pulp and root canal to harmful oral bacteria. In many cases, the best way to mitigate those effects and restore your tooth’s health and integrity is to cap it with a custom-designed dental crown. Made to mimic and cover your tooth with lifelike precision, a dental crown is placed over a tooth that’s been compromised in order to protect it while restoring its role in your bite.

What a Porcelain Crown Can Achieve

Dental crowns have been a part of professional dental care for centuries, but today’s crowns can more closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth then ever before. For example, dental crowns made from lifelike porcelain are often indistinguishable from the teeth that surround them. Not only are they customized to match your natural tooth color, but also layered to reflect light the way healthy tooth enamel does. As dental crowns have always done, the porcelain variety also restore a tooth’s health and integrity by fortifying its structure. However, they also reestablish the tooth’s healthy and attractive appearance. For patients who’ve lost a tooth, a porcelain crown can often be attached to a dental implant post, which is inserted into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth’s roots.

Restore Your Smile with Lifelike Accuracy

Dental crowns are designed to mimic the size, shape, and function of your natural tooth. When made from lifelike dental porcelain, they can also closely resemble your tooth’s healthy appearance. For more information about the benefits of porcelain dental crowns, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.