Avoid Diabetic Oral Complications

Diabetes Newhall CADiabetes is one of the most common issues that affects the health of Americans. Nearly 29 million Americans have to handle this struggle on a daily basis, and it can be a little confusing for many patients. This auto-immune disease affects the production of our hormone insulin, or its reception by our body. This hormone allows for the transfer of glucose from our blood system into our cells, and without it, our body feels as if it is starving. Meanwhile, the carbohydrates that are not able to move are left building up within our bloodstream.

Elevated blood glucose levels can lead to serious complications with your health all around. This buildup can destroy our smallest circulatory vessels, the capillaries. Concerns from this include within the eye, where leaking blood can lead to spotted areas of blindness. Other major areas of concern are the hands and feet, leading to neuropathy and potential amputation.

This disorder can also have serious effects on the quality of our smile. Today, your Newhall, CA dentist speaks to you about some of the easiest ways to avoid the damage that comes alongside untreated diabetes. Taking care of your health is within your reach! (more…)