An Alternative to Complex Smile Improvement

Your smile is a prominent part of your face’s appearance, and as such, even minor cosmetic issues can have a dramatic effect. Fortunately, many such issues don’t always require complex solutions to fix. In fact, with cosmetic tooth bonding, we can correct a wide variety of cosmetic concerns quickly and with minimal or no permanent changes to your healthy tooth structure. The process involves placing tooth-colored composite resin on the blemished area of your tooth, then sculpting and polishing the resin to blend in with your tooth. With the ability to restore your healthy, natural tooth structure, tooth bonding can often serve as a highly effective alternative to more complex cosmetic solutions.

What Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Is Used For

Tooth-colored composite resin is a biocompatible mixture of acrylic and quartz-like particles that is highly customizable to match anyone’s unique tooth color and shade. Tooth bonding describes using the resin to correct one or more issues such as chipped or cracked edges, gaps between teeth, addressing deep discoloration, and more. By restoring and/or building up your blemished tooth structure, the resin not only improves the tooth’s appearance, but it can also enhance the tooth’s strength and integrity. In cases of cavity development, tooth-colored composite resin can also be used to create a tooth-colored alternative to metal dental fillings.

Ask Us About the Benefits of Tooth Bonding

Not every cosmetic smile makeover requires multiple or complex treatments to achieve results. To find out if conservative tooth bonding can address any or all of your smile’s concerns, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.