A Faster Way to a Smile Makeover

When many patients think of a smile makeover, they envision multiple, complex cosmetic treatments that could take a significant amount of time from their schedules. However, for many patients, a complete smile makeover can be simpler and more convenient than they realize, especially with the help of one or more custom-designed porcelain veneers. The difference between veneers and other cosmetic dental treatments is that they can address most types of smile blemishes all at once, and with highly lifelike results. This means that even if you have multiple teeth with several different types of concerns, porcelain veneers may help you correct them all with just a single treatment.

How Porcelain Veneers Work

Porcelain veneers are designed to closely mimic the front surface of your healthy, natural teeth (minus any blemishes). Each veneer is a thin shell made from highly customized porcelain that is tinted and layered to match your tooth’s unique color, shade, and luminescence. After lightly preparing the tooth by sculpting a small amount of enamel from its front surface, we can permanently bond the lifelike veneer to the tooth, instantly transforming its appearance. The most prominent benefit of veneers is that they offer a highly realistic and esthetically pleasing solution to improving your smile. However, the fact that they require minimal preparation and can also restore the health and integrity of your teeth also make veneers beneficial for your long-term oral health.

Give Your Smile a New Look with Veneers

To offer optimal results with minimal effort, porcelain veneers are designed to transform the appearance of your teeth by replacing their visible structures. For more information, or to find out if your smile can benefit from porcelain veneers, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.