Your Options For Oral Surgery

Newhall, CA, dentist offers oral surgery

Preventive dental care can help keep your smile healthy and cavity-free. Unfortunately, though, there are occasions when you may still need more extensive dental care. This may be necessary to remove a wisdom tooth, address TMJ concerns, or replace a tooth with an implant. We understand this can be intimidating for many patients, but these treatments can help preserve your oral health. Today, your team at Newhall Dental Arts in CA discusses what to expect during oral surgery.

When A Tooth Should Be Extracted

One of the most common forms of oral surgery is tooth extractions. This may be required if your teeth are overcrowded, one is damaged, or your third molars have developed. Your dentist will track the growth of your wisdom teeth to determine the best time to have them removed. Often times, they are extracted before they can cause significant damage. For this procedure, you will be sedated to help you feel comfortable. Then, the dental structures will gently be removed by the surgeon. A simple extraction may require having one tooth removed and this may take a short amount of time. If you are having your wisdoms removed, this may be more extensive and can take longer.

Gain A Complete Smile With Implants

Insertion of dental implants is also a form of oral surgery. Implants may be used to replace missing teeth after they have been lost from an accident or health concern. This prosthetic option can mimic the entire dental structure, including the root and crown. For the most efficient placement of your implants, we will use a 3D model to map out where each post should go. This is especially beneficial if you are getting All-On-4 dentures or an implant-retained bridge. Like with tooth removal, sedation options will be available for this procedure. In some cases, jawbone grafting may be required before the posts can be inserted. A small amount of bone from another area will be taken and placed on an area that needs more support. This allows your jaw to have the strength needed to support the titanium post.

Correct TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder can cause you to place excessive pressure on your jaw. This can result in many problems, from headaches to misalignment and more. In some cases, this problem may be corrected with non-invasive methods like oral appliances. Your dentist can help diagnose the problem based on your symptoms and other indicators. Then, a personalized treatment plan can be created for your needs. If the concern is more serious, corrective surgery may be necessary.

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