Month: May 2019

Enjoy Cosmetic Smile Correction With Invisalign®

Just because your have crooked or crowded teeth, doesn’t mean metal braces are the only option for addressing your problem. We offer our Newhall, CA, patients a clear and comfortable alternative with the Invisalign® system. Find out how our custom-made clear aligners address misalignment and help you enjoy a beautiful smile!

Will Veneers Offer A Single Treatment Smile Makeover?

What if we could completely change how your smile looks, addressing a wide array of common blemishes, with a single treatment? Our team often uses custom-made porcelain veneers to improve smile beauty in Newhall, CA, targeting and addressing everything from stained teeth to dental damage. How do veneers transform smiles with a single treatment? What… Read more »

Single-Visit Smile Improvement With Bonding

Teeth whitening helps remove teeth stains, while Invisalign® helps correct uneven smiles. But with dental bonding, we offer our Newhall, CA, patients smile improvement in just one sitting, addressing chipped teeth and other concerns. How does bonding work and when do patients benefit from this cosmetic procedure?

Obtain A Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

If you have stains on your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable showing your smile to the world. While store bought systems exist, they rarely offer the same dramatic results as professional treatment options. If you would like to obtain a brighter smile, then talk to your Newhall, CA, dentist about our unique teeth whitening treatment.

We’re Looking At Cosmetic Dentistry

For people interested in a brighter and more beautiful smile, we offer Newhall, CA, patients an array of unique cosmetic treatment options. With these procedures, such as teeth whitening and lifelike veneers, we correct a number of issues with a smile’s overall appearance, including stains and misshapen teeth. When should you see the dentist about… Read more »

Talking About Community Events In Newhall

Each week we like to let our blog focus a bit on the community. After all, with the weekend starting tomorrow you’ll have a little time to explore the community! In addition, remember that we have a full range of treatment options, including cosmetic dental care, to help you attend future events with a brighter,… Read more »

The Benefits Of Digital Impressions

In our last blog, we looked at how digital technology offers more precise x-rays using less radiation. But did you know we also have technology to gather digital impressions to plan treatment and design appliances? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we gather digital impressions to offer quality treatment for patients in… Read more »

Diagnosing Your Smile With Digital X-Rays

When you see us for a routine exam, we want to help you enjoy improved oral health. By employing advanced technology, such as digital x-rays, we can obtain a more accurate and precise diagnosis. What do we look for when we examine your smile, and how often should you see your Newhall, CA, dentist for… Read more »

What’s Happening In Newhall, CA?

The weekend is here! Well, almost. We’re here to help you plan May activities with a look at the fun events taking place in the community. If you want to attend local events with a brighter and healthier smile, then talk to your Newhall, CA, dentist about possible treatment options!

Using Implant Dentistry To Help Patients With Tooth Loss

Whether due to injury, advanced gum disease, or other factors, many of us will face tooth loss as we grow older. In order to prevent the complications of missing teeth, which range from difficulty eating to the onset of an older appearance, we offer our Newhall, CA, patients implant dentistry. What benefits will dental implants… Read more »