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What Is A Partial Denture?

newhall partial dentures

When a bridge isn’t enough to address the gaps in your smile, then you may need a denture. In situations in which you still have a significant number of natural teeth, we could craft and place a partial. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist talks about how we help improve smiles with a custom-made… Read more »

Filling The Gap With A Dental Bridge

newhall dental bridge

When you lose a tooth, this single gap could mean problems for your smile in the coming months and years. To avoid complications and restore smile beauty, you may need a prosthetic. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist looks at how we address minor tooth loss with a custom-made and natural-looking dental bridge.

Implant Dentistry And Your Smile Restoration

If your plans for smile improvement include prosthetic dental work, you may be unsure of what to expect from treatment. Can your dentist provide a restoration that actually helps you improve your dental function, or will your care only improve your smile? At our Newhall, CA dentist’s office, we can discuss the advantages of treatment… Read more »

Porcelain Crowns Look Like Natural Teeth

newhall porcelain crowns

With a porcelain crown, we offer a cosmetic approach to restorative treatments, including everything from infection to broken teeth. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist talks about how we repair smiles and offer a brighter appearance with our custom and durable porcelain dental crowns.

A Root Canal Helps Save Infected Teeth

newhall root canal

A filling is a great way to help treat a case of tooth decay. But when decay becomes severe, or is an infection or abscess, then you may need an endodontic treatment. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist will discuss how we use root canal therapy to treat painful infections and preserve your smile.

Placing Your Metal-Free Dental Filling

newhall filling

A dental filling helps stop the growth of decay and protects your smile from painful symptoms and even the risk of an infection or abscess. While at one time these were usually metal, we now use a composite resin that is metal-free and can be shaded to blend with the tooth! In today’s blog, your… Read more »

Your Broken Tooth Is A Dental Emergency

newhall emergency dentistry

When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or broken, this could expose the inner tissues and mean serious complications down the road. But with emergency dental care, our team can repair your smile and prevent serious issues from developing. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist explains why a broken tooth needs emergency treatment.

Crafting Your Lifelike Dental Bridge

newhall bridge

Minor tooth loss could still mean major complications for the health and appearance of your smile. To address minor cases of missing teeth, your Newhall, CA, dentist may suggest creating a custom-crafted bridge, one designed specifically for your smile, and to last for many years to come!

Using Porcelain For Lifelike Accuracy

newhall crowns

When you have a tooth with a cavity or an infection, or one that has become cracked or chipped, then repair is often necessary to prevent major dental complications. To do so, we may suggest creating a restoration, such as a crown or even a veneer. Along with repairing a tooth, we could also help… Read more »

When Should A Root Canal Procedure Be Prescribed?

newhall root canal

When a tooth becomes infected, this means serious discomfort arises and without care, the risk of losing the tooth altogether increases. A filling may not be enough to treat the issue. Instead, your Newhall, CA, dentist could offer a safe and comfortable conservative treatment known as root canal therapy to bring relief.