Providing Fillings That Match Your Smile

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When we place dental fillings, we want to not only stop tooth decay, but offer lifelike results for our patients. To do so, we create our dental fillings from composite resin instead of traditional metal materials. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist talks about how we tackle tooth decay with our natural-looking fillings.

When You Need Cavity Treatment

How do you know if you need a dental filling? If you attend checkup and cleaning visits every six months, then our team has a chance to watch for the earliest signs of tooth decay, catching it in the stages before discomfort occurs. Otherwise, you may not know you need care until your tooth begins to hurt. Tooth sensitivity and toothaches then mean the decay has reached a more advanced state and lack of care could mean the onset of infection and the risk of tooth loss! Don’t ignore pain in your tooth, see our team right away for a filling.

Composite Resin

While metal materials are effective, they change shape with time to increase the risk of further decay or infection, and may not be safe for all ages. But composite resin is metal-free, safe for everyone, and can be shaded to blend with your smile. Being biocompatible means it can bond with the tooth and offer a long-lasting solution to a cavity. The material is also used in our dental bonding procedures to mask common smile imperfections, such as damage, stains, and gaps.

Placing Your Dental Restorations

We will first begin by examining the tooth to assess the position and severity of the cavity. We then administer a local numbing agent so you’re comfortable as we remove decay and clean the area. We then prepare the composite resin, shading it to blend with your tooth. We apply it in several layers and then sculpt and reshape the tooth as the material cures beneath a light. We then polish the tooth for a brighter appearance. In only one visit, this can treat a cavity and prevent the onset of an infection, so you avoid the risk of tooth loss and worsening discomfort.

Moving forward, you can lower your risk of cavities by brushing and flossing, eating a healthier diet, and seeing us for a checkup and cleaning every six months. If you have any questions about how our team will diagnose and treat issues like tooth decay with a filling, or if you have pain in a tooth, then contact our team today to learn more.

Make an Appointment for Lifelike Dental Restorations

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