Month: June 2021

Crafting Your Lifelike Dental Bridge

newhall bridge

Minor tooth loss could still mean major complications for the health and appearance of your smile. To address minor cases of missing teeth, your Newhall, CA, dentist may suggest creating a custom-crafted bridge, one designed specifically for your smile, and to last for many years to come!

Using Porcelain For Lifelike Accuracy

newhall crowns

When you have a tooth with a cavity or an infection, or one that has become cracked or chipped, then repair is often necessary to prevent major dental complications. To do so, we may suggest creating a restoration, such as a crown or even a veneer. Along with repairing a tooth, we could also help… Read more »

When Should A Root Canal Procedure Be Prescribed?

newhall root canal

When a tooth becomes infected, this means serious discomfort arises and without care, the risk of losing the tooth altogether increases. A filling may not be enough to treat the issue. Instead, your Newhall, CA, dentist could offer a safe and comfortable conservative treatment known as root canal therapy to bring relief.

Creating Fillings That Match Your Teeth

newhall dental fillings

When you have a cavity, your teeth could hurt and over time, the risk of an infection could rise. To treat the issue, you need a dental filling! However, that doesn’t mean your restoration will be metal. Instead, your Newhall, CA, dentist could create fillings that match your smile, crafting them from metal-free and lifelike… Read more »