Treating Your Tooth Pain With A Root Canal

Older Woman Newhall CAHas a toothache started to impact your daily life? If you have begun to notice pain or discomfort within your smile, talk to your dentist about treatment quickly. It may be a sign of an infection that has developed in the soft tissue known as pulp within your tooth. When this happens, endodontic repair can help you to save your tooth from a possible extraction.

Speak with a team of dedicated dental professionals at our office in Newhall, CA about your toothache and see if a root canal treatment is right for you. This process removes the internal infection, allowing you to free yourself of the toothache that has been bothering you. In addition, a root canal treatment can prevent the further spread of your bacterial growth. Without treatment, your infection could make its way into the bone tissue of your jaw or even into your bloodstream, leading to a life-threatening condition known as sepsis. Take your tooth repair seriously and talk to your dentist about endodontic repair!

Come Into The Office When A Bacterial Infection Takes Hold Within Your Tooth

If you have started to experience pain in your mouth, make the effort in talking to your dentist about your condition. It may be that your enamel has become compromised in an area, leading to a bacterial infection within your tooth. This situation can lead to a serious throbbing toothache that worsens when you bite down. Speak to a dental professional as soon as possible in order to avoid the worsening of your infection.

Bacterial growth within the tooth can spread into neighboring locations such as the bone in your jaw. When this happens, it can become a more dangerous concern, so schedule your appointment for repair as soon as you can. Your bacterial infection could even reach your bloodstream, so take your situation with the seriousness it deserves.

Root Canal Treatment Can Help You To Free Yourself Of Your Infection

When a bacterial infection has taken hold in your tooth, a root canal procedure can help you to end your toothache without the need for an extraction. This process includes the removal of the bundle of soft tissue beneath your enamel, which is known as pulp. After your dentist removes this material, they will seal the connections between your jaw and the affected tooth, preventing future spread of infection. You will need a dental crown afterward, so talk to our staff about your options in lifelike crown material!

Learn More About Root Canals With Newhall Dental Arts

If you have questions about the root canal treatment process, do not hesitate to reach out! Schedule your appointment with a call to our office at Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661)259-7760.