Renew Your Broken Tooth With A Porcelain Crown

Porcelain Crown Newhall CAIf you have recently cracked or broken one of your natural teeth, be proactive in talking with your dentist. Even if it seems like it is just a chip or a slight crack, you could be at risk of further deterioration of your smile. Take some time to schedule an appointment for an examination so that you can learn more about the extent of your injury. With a beautiful new porcelain crown, you can be sure that you have a durable repair that blends in with your natural teeth!

At our helpful dental office in Newhall, CA, we want to help you to maintain your smile and retain as much of your natural tooth material as possible. With a durable dental crown, you can stop the further damage of your affected tooth, all while matching the shade of the rest of your smile. Schedule your appointment with our team to find out if a porcelain dental crown is the right move for your smile!

Damage To One Of Your Teeth Can Lead To Further Harm

When you break a tooth, the clock starts ticking. Your natural enamel plays a pivotal role in protecting your teeth from bacterial infection, and when this material becomes damaged, you are at risk. This means that even if you feel like it is not a major injury, it is best to talk with your dentist about what has happened. If you have cracked or chipped a tooth, take the time to schedule an examination so that you know the extent of your injury.

If you have started to experience pain or discomfort at the location, it may be time to talk about a root canal treatment. This procedure helps you to stop that nagging toothache by removing the infected material within your tooth. Bacterial growth can continue to spread into your jaw and even into your bloodstream, so take your toothache seriously.

A Porcelain Crown Helps You Save Your Damaged Tooth

At your appointment for an examination after you have broken a tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. This form of restoration uses a durable cap to keep your existing natural tooth material together and give you a new functional chewing surface. At our practice, we offer gorgeous porcelain crowns, which blend in with your natural smile. With a porcelain restoration, you can restore that broken tooth while continuing to look your best.

Learn More About Restoration With Newhall Dental Arts

A broken tooth is not something that you should ignore. If you have experienced damage within your smile, take some time to talk with our team about a new porcelain dental crown by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661)259-7760.