How Dental Implants Compare to Other Options

With today’s dentistry, you have several options for addressing most common dental concerns. While it’s unfortunate that tooth loss remains one of those concerns, the good news is that your options for replacing lost teeth include highly lifelike, biocompatible dental implants. At our Newhall, CA, dental office, we’ll help you understand the difference that dental implants can make compared to traditional bridges and dentures. We’ll also help you determine whether or not dental implants are your best option for restoring your smile after tooth loss.

Their support systems

A conventional dental bridge consists of one or more adjacent replacement teeth (called pontics) that are supported by one or a pair of dental crowns. The crowns are attached to nearby healthy teeth, known as abutment teeth, which are modified to accommodate the restoration. A conventional partial denture relies on hidden clasps, while a full denture relies on dental adhesive and the natural shape of your dental ridge. Dental implants, which are posts designed to mimic healthy teeth roots, are inserted into your jawbone, and can be used to support any size dental bridge or denture without the need for additional apparatus.

Their comfort and stability

By securing a dental prosthesis to one or more dental implants, your replacement teeth more closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth. That includes the comfort and stability that comes with being anchored in place by roots, rather than being secured by abutment teeth, clasps, or adhesives. For example, implant posts prevent your prosthesis from shifting along your dental ridge, and help you avoid the need to adjust your bridge or denture as you bite, chew, or speak. The greater stability lends your prosthesis a more lifelike appearance as well as a more comfortable and convenient fit.

Their effects on your oral health

Their ability to secure a dental prosthesis in place is an important benefit of dental implants. However, their more profound benefit involves the replacement of your lost teeth roots, which reestablishes the stimulation your jawbone needs to remain strong and healthy for life. This means that dental implants can do more to reduce your risks of losing more teeth in the future, as well as the risks of developing the visual effects of a shrinking jawbone (known as facial collapse).

Learn if dental implants are right for you

Compared to more traditional prostheses, dental implants can offer several important that benefits that often make them the best solution for tooth loss. For more information, or to find out if dental implants are right for you, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.