Need a Filling? Why You Should Choose a Tooth-Colored One

Not long ago, you could tell whenever someone had a cavity treated. That’s because tooth fillings were most commonly made from metal amalgam – a mixture of metals designed to withstand the pressures of your bite. Today, however, increasingly more tooth fillings are made from more biocompatible and lifelike materials, such as tooth-colored composite resin, which doesn’t leave a noticeable mark on your smile. In addition to their appearance, we also recommend tooth-colored fillings at our Newhall, CA, dental office, for the number of other benefits that they provide to your oral health.

They don’t shine like metal ones

Ironically, the most notable benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that fact they’re virtually unnoticeable. Composite resin is highly customizable material that can be tinted to match your tooth’s unique color and shade before being placed into your cavity. This means that after your tooth filling has set, it will blend in with the healthy, natural appearance of the tooth structure surrounding it. Now, you can treat your cavity and no one will know about it unless you decide to tell them.

They’re made of better material

Tooth-colored composite resin is beneficial to your teeth for more than just their discreet appearance. For example, the resin conforms to the shape of your cavity precisely, so there’s little or no need to change the cavity’s shape to accommodate the filling. This offers more durable restoration for the tooth as well as enhanced structural integrity against biting and chewing forces. Also, resin can be bonded securely to the tooth’s structure, and because it won’t change shape over time, it can more effectively prevent bacteria from re-entering the cavity.

They’re better at protecting teeth

Traditional metal fillings are generally strong enough to withstand years of biting and chewing forces, but over time, they can expand or contract due to exposure to heat and cold. This can damage your tooth, leave it exposed to more severe infection, and more. However, composite resin eliminates the risks posed by metal fillings because they don’t contain any traces of metal at all. This makes them more biocompatible and safer for a wider variety of patients, including children and people with metal allergies.

Learn more about tooth-colored fillings

When a tooth develops a cavity, the best way to fill it is often with discreet, tooth-colored composite resin. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.