How To Avoid Cavities After Your Thanksgiving Celebrations

With Thanksgiving comes a chance a spend time with your family, and enjoy some of your favorite holiday dishes. However, many of these dishes contain sugar and starch, two major factors behind the onset of tooth decay. In order to enjoy your meal and protect your smile, your Newhall, CA, dentist has a few simple suggestions and tips!

The Causes of Cavities

When we consume sugary foods, like pies, cakes, or cookies, or starchy foods, like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, and stuffing, this leaves behind food particles on and between your teeth. Over time, bacteria will consume these stray particles, a process that elevates oral acidity and coats the teeth in a sticky layer of plaque. This buildup not only increases the risk of teeth stains and bad breath, but also weakens tooth enamel and boosts the chances of a cavity forming. The buildup is also connected to a higher risk of gum disease!

Warning Signs and Treatment Options

Warning signs of tooth decay include persistent tooth sensitivity, especially when you eat or drink cold/hot foods and beverages. A toothache that doesn’t pass after a few hours could also develop. If you experience pain in one or more of your teeth, schedule an exam. We can see if you have decay and if so, may be able to treat the issue in a single visit. In order to limit your risk of cavities, be sure you follow up your sugary and starchy favorites with a glass of water to help cleanse your mouth. Consuming rough fresh veggies, like carrots of broccoli, can help scrub away plaque and food particle as well. After your meal, floss up and down the length of every tooth and also brush your teeth for at least two minutes with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. These steps can help lower the chances of tooth decay forming, and keep your smile healthy and bright!

Preventive Measures

Once your holiday ends, be sure to contact our team for a routine visit. We can perform detailed exams of your smile using advanced technology, identifying possible problem areas we can address before the year ends and your dental insurance benefits expire. Our team will also clean your teeth, a process that removes all plaque and tartar to combat bad breath, teeth stains, cavities, gum disease, and more. If you have any questions about protecting your smile, or about our preventive treatment options, then contact our team today to learn more or to schedule your next visit.

Schedule a Holiday Visit

Our team is ready to see you and help you and your family enjoy optimal oral health throughout the holiday season. To learn more about family dentistry, then please schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.