Addressing Common Dental Emergency Scenarios

A dental emergency is simply any damage to your teeth, or injury to your gums or oral structures, that isn’t life threatening, but is serious enough to require immediate attention. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist looks at how we address these scenarios and repair the teeth, and what you can do to ease discomfort in the immediate aftermath.

I Chipped a Tooth

Have you chipped a tooth? If so, see if you can pick up any pieces of your tooth. Place these pieces in a small container or wrap them in tissue and bring them to the office with you. However, if you cannot find any bits of your tooth, don’t worry, repair is still possible! You can take a pain reliever to ease discomfort, and use a bit of cloth or gauze to control any bleeding. Placing a cold compress or ice pack against the side of your face also helps reduce swelling. Let us know so we can schedule an appointment. With dental bonding, we can often repair minor chips in one visit.

Something is Stuck Between My Teeth

If something becomes trapped between your teeth and causes discomfort, try to dislodge it using floss. Move the floss tape up and down each side of the tooth. If this fails to dislodge the object, then don’t use anything else, as you could inadvertently damage your gum tissues or tooth structure. Let us know, as we can extract the object without damaging surrounding structures or tissues.

A Sudden Toothache

If you have a sudden and severe toothache that doesn’t pass after a few hours, then this could be an indicator of cavities or possibly even an infected tooth. Always let us know as soon as possible, so we can find a time to examine your tooth and pinpoint the cause of your discomfort. Treatment could prevent the issue from worsening, and threatening the stability of the tooth.

My Tooth is Knocked Out!

If you knock a tooth out completely, then pick it up by the crown, or visible portion, and place it in a glass of milk or salt water. Bring the tooth with you to the office. Again, gauze or cloth can help stem bleeding, and you can use a cold compress or ice pack on the side of the face to control swelling. You can also take a pain reliever to ease discomfort.

I Have Lost a Filling or Crown

If a filling or crown comes loose, see us as soon as possible. Don’t consume hot/cold foods and drinks, or sugary foods and beverages, as these could cause discomfort and sensitivity in your exposed tooth.

Do You Have Questions About Emergency Dentistry?

We can help repair minor and severe damage to restore the health, beauty, and function of your smile. To learn more about our general treatment options, please schedule a consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661) 259-7760.