Spring Cleaning Starts With Your Teeth

Newhall Dental Cleaning

Every year, we set out to utilize the spring as a way to refresh our lives. We spruce up our homes and our cars, and even start to think about whipping our bodies into shape for the pool. But why not start with a teeth cleaning? After all, your friends and your family certainly see more of your teeth than anything else. Today, your Newhall, CA dentist is here with some advice on spring maintenance.

Cleaning is More Than Brushing

While regular brushing is certainly paramount to having a healthy smile, your teeth simply need more attention than you can handle on your own. A dentist inspects each tooth, manually removing buildup, even below the gumline. We also then use an ultrasonic scaler for further removal of plaque and tartar buildup. While we certainly love home tooth care, there is no true substitute for an in-office cleaning. Simply put, even the most diligent of brushing and flossing is unable to reach all areas of the mouth, and a dentist has more advanced tools at their disposal.

A cleaning also includes a fluoride rinse, which is not available at home. This is a good thing, as too much fluoride can cause a discoloration of the teeth, known as dental fluorosis. This is primarily seen in children, but there are other health issues associated with excess fluoride exposure.

How Does Cleaning Benefit My Smile?

Beyond the removal of plaque and tartar, we also examine your smile for any further issues. These can range from inspecting the development of cavities to more serious medical concerns. Gingivitis can lead to serious issues such as periodontal disease. This can cause tooth loss, so diagnosis and treatment is paramount, and one of the first things we inspect.

Plaque that has been left on the surface of the tooth hardens into tartar, and at that point, is only able to be removed at a dentist’s office. Regular cleanings can ensure that this doesn’t build up significantly and keep your smile fresher.

Why Spring?

A few factors make this an ideal time of year to tackle routine dental maintenance. Firstly, the holidays, from Halloween through the New Year, are highly strenuous on the teeth. We overindulge on food and sweets, often falling asleep promptly after eating. Our time is filled with stress and activities, and dental health seems to fall to the back of our mind. Also, our finances are less stressed after a couple months recovering from the holidays.

Ready to Freshen Your Smile?

Our team understands the vital nature of routine dental maintenance, and its importance in keeping you happy, healthy, and beautiful. If you’re ready to schedule your cleaning, please schedule your consultation by calling Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661)259-7760.