Revive Full Function To Your Smile

Glasses Newhall CAAs people age, the likelihood of losing a tooth increases for several reasons. Bone density starts to decrease around the age of fifty and since our teeth rely upon the snug connection to the jaw, they may become loose. A pocket can also develop at these spots where bacterial infections take hold and cause serious harm. Enamel wear and trauma can accumulate over time as well. This can leave you more susceptible to infection within the tooth that can require a root canal procedure.

Our dedication at Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA is to renew the vigor of your bite with beautiful restorative dentistry. Whether you have lost a tooth or have one in need of repair, our team is here to help you to feel confident in your bite again. Smile with pride with a life-like restoration and take life by the horns!

Repairing Your Existing Tooth With Dental Crowns

One common way of restoring full function to your smile is through the use of a dental crown. These sturdy caps permanently sit atop your existing enamel. Crowns are strong enough to use in daily chewing and speaking. The development of state-of-the-art materials has led to some gorgeous repair possibilities.

If you require a root canal procedure to remove an infection within the tooth, you will most likely need a crown to reinforce the natural matter that remains. Drilling and removing damaged material can take much of your enamel. This method helps you to feel comfort from your toothache while gaining a fresh new chewing surface.

Replacing Your Missing Tooth With Prosthodontic Care

Another way that smiles can lose functionality is through the full loss of a tooth. Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry that centers around the replacement of missing teeth. Speak with your dentist about the possibility of a dental implant. These biointegrated prosthetics connect snugly to the bone of the jaw to give you a reliable bite!

Dental implants are helpful in a broad range of tooth loss situations, as well. If you are anticipating future loss, the prosthetics can be replaced with larger ones to cover more area of the oral ridge.

Feel Confident In Your Smile In Newhall, CA

An unsteady smile can take its toll on your everyday life. Rediscover strength in your oral wellbeing through restorative dentistry. If you are in need of an extraction, a dental implant can help you to bite with confidence through a biointegrated titanium post. A dental crown could help you to keep your natural matter below the gumline. This procedure is also commonly applied after a root canal procedure to ensure the future stability of broken or damaged teeth. Call Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661)259-7760 to schedule an appointment or to learn more!