Keeping Up With Your Little One’s Smile

Newhall, CA dentist offers pediatric dentistry services

Your child’s dental health is just as important as your own. As they grow in their first teeth and learn how to care for their smile, it is essential that you help them build good habits for a lifetime. This includes helping them properly brush and floss, as well as bringing them to their biannual visits. At Newhall Dental Arts in California, we offer dental services for the whole family. In today’s blog, we are here to discuss how you can help your little one maintain good oral health.

Good Habits Start At Home

Before their first tooth comes in, you should be in the habit of cleaning their gums. Then, once the first teeth grow, you can begin brushing them with a soft brush. Around the age of five years old, your little one can begin brushing their teeth with your supervision. This process may not be exciting for your child, and they may hesitate to take responsibility for this task. One of the easiest ways to help your child understand the importance of dental care is to take care of your own. You can brush your teeth alongside your kiddo to show them that it is an important habit to do every day.

Preventive Pediatric Checkups

It is important that your little one sees the dentist every six months, just like you. To make these visits easier, you can schedule them on the same day to make it a family event. During their checkup, the dentist will examine their smile for signs of cavities and other problems. As your little one learns how to care for their dental health, they may develop tooth decay. This is common in kids and can easily be treated with fillings.

How Fluoride And Sealants Can Help

It may be tricky for your child to thoroughly brush, which can lead to cavities forming. To protect their enamel from this, we can provide a fluoride treatment. This helps the enamel become stronger and less susceptible to cavities. In addition to this, sealants can be applied to their back teeth.

The molars are especially hard for children to clean, which can result in cavities and other problems. A sealant is a thin layer that is applied to the tooth. This will protect it from bacteria that can be formed from food particles. As a result, your child’s risk of cavities will be lower and the chances of needing more restorative work will be lower as well.

Schedule Their Next Checkup Today

When was the last time your child saw the dentist? If this was before July, it is time to bring them in for their checkup. Schedule an appointment at Newhall Dental Arts in California today by calling (661) 259-7760.