Porcelain Crowns Mean Lifelike Restoration

newhall porcelain crown

When you have a broken or chipped tooth, or a case of severe cavities or infection, then you may need a restoration to return function, beauty, and health to your smile. To do so, we may recommend a porcelain dental crown. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist talks about lifelike dental restorations crafted from porcelain.

When Teeth Need Attention

A restoration could be prescribed to repair cases of tooth decay too severe for a simple filling, or when a tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken. A full restoration also aids in the improvement of the bite balance and chewing function, and could address misshapen teeth too. Placement could help close gaps between teeth, and we could use them to aid in tooth loss treatment too, securing a dental bridge in place or restoring a single tooth dental implant. When you have an aching tooth, or one that is damaged, then consider scheduling an appointment for a consultation. We will help you find out if you need a restoration to enjoy a complete smile again.

Treatment with Porcelain Crowns

Instead of metal, we use porcelain for our dental crowns. This durable material can absorb daily bite forces and pressure, providing a restoration ready to last for decades to come and allow you to eat your favorite foods again. The material is also translucent like natural enamel, so we can color-match it to blend with the rest of your smile with ease. Placement is simple. We numb the area and then gently remove a little outer structure from it. We next take detailed images and measurements of the prepped tooth, which we use in a lab setting to design and craft the finished crown. When the crown is ready, we will check the fit, make some final adjustments, and then place it with a powerful bonding agent!

Dental Bridges

For those with between one and three missing teeth in a row, we could use a bridge to fill the gap. To begin, we will numb the area surrounding the missing teeth and remove structure from the abutment teeth, or the ones on each end of the gap in the smile. In a dental lab, we use this to design a bridge. Made from porcelain, this contains your new teeth and crowns on each end. These will be attached to the abutment teeth and will secure your new prosthetic in place. If you have any questions about treating missing teeth or repairing parts of your smile, then contact our team today.

Does Your Smile Need a Repair?

Our team wants to transform and restore your smile with lifelike and durable porcelain. You can schedule an appointment for custom restorative dentistry treatment by calling your Newhall, CA, dentist, Dr. Tajik, at (661) 259-7760.