How Porcelain Crowns Provide Lifelike Repair

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When a filling or bonding procedure isn’t enough to treat your tooth decay or repair dental damage, you may need a more substantial restoration. A dental crown made from porcelain offers a lifelike appearance, and can absorb daily bite forces and pressure. In today’s blog, your Newhall, CA, dentist talks about our natural-looking dental crowns.

When a Smile Needs a Crown

When a tooth has a cavity, we will likely treat it in one visit with a dental filling. But if the decay is too severe for a filling, we could place a dental crown instead. In addition, this could be used to repair cracks or chips too severe for a dental bonding or contouring procedure to address. Our team can also correct misshapen teeth, and complete a root canal for an infected one. These cover everything above the gum line, and are also able to absorb daily bite forces and pressure, making them a great option to address a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental issues.

Crafting a Porcelain Restoration

Each one is custom-made for your smile, ensuring proper bite balance and a lifelike appearance. To begin, we need to numb the area around the tooth and then gently remove structure from it. Next, we take detailed digital images, which we use to create a computer impression. Using this, we can design and craft the final product with precision and accuracy. When you return for a second visit, we will check the fit, make any necessary adjustments, and then place it with a powerful bonding agent. We use porcelain because not only does this absorb daily bite forces and pressure, but it can be shaded to blend with the rest of the smile and offer a lifelike appearance!

Addressing Missing Teeth

Did you know we can also use them to help address missing teeth too? For example, we can use one or two of them to support a dental bridge, replacing between one and three lost teeth in a row. If you’re receiving an individual dental implant, we can employ a crown to act as the visible portion, so your new tooth is durable and lifelike in appearance. If you have any questions about how we use crowns to help restore the health, beauty, and function of your smile, then contact our team today to learn more. We would love to help you enjoy optimal oral health once again!

Talk To Your Newhall, CA Dentist About Custom Restorations

We would love to help you enjoy good oral health and a more attractive smile. If you would like to find out more about our approach to lifelike dental restorations, then contact your Newhall, CA, dentist, Dr. Tajik, by calling (661) 259-7760.