A Secure Solution With Dental Implants

Outdoor Man Newhall CAWhen you lose a tooth, it is important to speak with your dentist about your options. Prosthodontics, or the specialized area of dentistry that focuses on the replacement of natural teeth, has made some amazing developments over the last few decades. Take the time to talk with a professional about the methods available to you, including the placement of a biocompatible solution.

At our helpful dental office in Newhall, CA, a new dental implant can be the answer to address your instance of tooth loss. Discover the advantages of this approach with our team, as you have strong possibilities in your prosthodontic repair. Dental implants rely on a durable titanium rod that your dentist places within the bone of your jaw, and through an amazing biochemical mechanism known as osseointegration, you actually accept your new implant post. After you heal snugly around the post, your dentist can attach a beautiful new prosthetic tooth. For a strong bite and a lifelike look, ask your dentist about a dental implant!

Dental Implants Give You A Strong Connection To Your Jaw

If you have heard about dental implants, but are wondering how they work, set aside some time to speak with your dentist about how this method can help your smile after tooth loss. This method harnesses an interesting quality of titanium, in which your body recognizes this metal as if it were part of your own natural material. Through this mechanism, known as osseointegration, a titanium implant post can become a stable foundation for the placement of your new prosthodontic solution.

When you heal around the threads of your titanium post, it forms a strong connection between your new prosthetic tooth and the bone within your jaw. By having this connection, a dental implant can provide a more secure replacement solution. Dental implants can help you to regain your confidence in your bite!

Expecting To Lose More Teeth? Implant Solutions Bring Versatility To Your Repair

For some people, the loss of a tooth is a sign of things to come. If you are anticipating the need for a more extensive prosthodontic renewal, dental implant technology can also help you to replace multiple teeth. In fact, one of the fastest growing procedures in this country is the placement of what is known as an implant-retained denture. This process harnesses the benefits of dental implant technology to hold a full new set of teeth!

Learn More About Dental Implants At Newhall Dental Arts!

If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, it’s time to learn about your options in prosthodontic repair. For more information on biocompatible dental implants, or to schedule your appointment for a consultation, give us a call at Newhall Dental Arts in Newhall, CA, today at (661)259-7760.